Former board members


We thank our former board members for their time and dedication to Domus:

Prof. Dr. Alexander von Rücker, founder

Mr. Nils Hollberg, founder

Prof. Dr. Jenik Radon, founder, Adj. Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University (New York)

Prof. Dr. Marju Lauristin, Member of the first board; Professor of Political Communication at the University of Tartu

Prof. Dr. Tõnu Lehtsaar, professor of Practical Theology

Mr. Andrus Ansip, prime minister of the Republic of Estonia, former mayor of the city of Tartu

Mr. Prof. Jaak Aaviksoo, Minister of Education of the Republic of Estonia

Mr. Ulrich Mädge, mayor of the city of Lüneburg, Germany

Mr. Henning von Wistinghausen, former Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Estonia

Mr. Urmas Klaas, Member of the Estonian Parliament Riigikogu

Prof. Dr. Richard Villems, president of the Estonian Academy of Sciences

Mr. Prof. Peeter Tulviste, Vice-president of the Estonian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Kalev Kukk, counselor of the prime minister of the Republic of Estonia

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Drechsler, Tallinn Technical University, Chair of Governance

Prof. Dr. Klaus Hackenberg, German-Baltic Physicians' Association

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hasse, German-Baltic Physicians' Association

Dr. Armin von Ungern-Sternberg, Hertie Foundation, Germany

Dr. Martin Grabert, director of COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology)

Mr. Frank Borchers

Mr. Urmas Viilma, chancellor of the consistory of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church

Mr. Jüri Sasi, deputy mayor of the city of Tartu

Mr. Michael Gallagher, Director of the Legal Advocacy Foundation

Mr. Erki Tammiksaar, Director of Karl Ernst von Baer Museum
Mr. Kaido Soom, Lecturer of Practical Theology

Mr. Jaan Aps, member of the executive committee of the Network of Social Enterprises

Dr. Mart Noorma, Vice rector for studies, Tartu University

Hille Hinsberg, PRAXIS Center for Policy Studies; Governance and Civil Society Programme project manager

Dr. Erik Puura, Vice rector for development, Tartu University

Ms. Tiia Teppan, Deputy mayor of the city of Tartu

Pirkko Valge, CEO of Good Deed Foundation

Dr Maie Kiisel, researcher in social communication studies

Mariann Raisma, director of the museum of Tartu University