The grant competition of the Foundation Domus Dorpatensis in 2009

The scholars of the 2009 Domus Dorpatensis grant are Irina Golikova and Tiina Heidemann. Both women have contributed significantly to the civil society. 

Irina Golikova is the chairman of the History Teachers' Society in Ida-Virumaa and the manager of the Sillamäe Children's Protection Society. She did thankworthy work in the field of children's protection. Thanks to her initiative, the children's protection movement in Ida-Virumaa was re-established and children's rights were guaranteed in a better way. With her great enthusiasm, she is able to encourage also other people to do voluntary work in the field of children's protection.  

Due to Tiina Heidemann's initiative, the Kadjaste Society was founded in 2005 in the area of Kadjaste where only few activities for the inhabitants had taken place before. Thanks to the new society, the local life got new impulses: as one of the first activities a common gathering for cleaning was organised. During four years the life in the village has very much developed - a village square and a village swing were built and a recreation center was created. Also in difficult times Tiina is always in a good mood and optimistic. So she is an example to all other volunteers.

Also this year the Estonian Netherlands Charity Foundation "Päikeselill" (Sunflower) made it possible to hand over a second Domus Dorpatensis grant in the amount of 15 000 EEK. We thank the Sunflower Foundation for the support and the good cooperation.

The members of  grant commission were: Deputy Major of Tartu Jüri Sasi, the manager of the Centre for Science Studies of the Estonian University of Life Sciences Erki Tammiksaar, the coordinator of the East-East crossborder cooperation programme of the Open Estonia Foundation Kelly Grossthal, the board member of Sunflower Foundation and professor for social communication at Tartu University Marju Lauristin and the scholar of 2008 Aino Kiiver. They made their selection out of 20 applications. Domus Dorpatensis thanks all the candidates for taking part in the grant competition.

The grants were handed over on 26 November in Tallinn at a conference dedicated to citizens' day and civil society, organised by the Network of Estonian Nonprofit Organisations. Domus Dorpatensis thanks the organisers for the pleasant cooperation.