Grant Statute

 1. This statute regulates the principles of announcing and awarding the grant of the Foundation for Science and Liberal Arts Domus Dorpatensis (hereafter: grant) and its organisational principles. 

2. The grant has been created to encourage and to give recognition to citizens’ feeling of responsibility in society.

3. The grant is intended to be awarded to a person who has taken responsibility in society him- or herself or who has encouraged many others to do so.

4. When awarding the grant, it is possible to cooperate with other NGOs and companies in order to be able to award several grants.

5. The exact application criteria such as age group, target group and conditions of evaluation will be determined by a committee consisting of at least three persons and will be published in the competition announcement. The executive board proposes the members of the committee and the board makes the final decision about the members of the committee.

6. The grant competition and its conditions will be announced on the website of the foundation and in the public media.

7. The applications will be judged on the basis of the criteria set forth in the grant competition.

8. The awarding of the grant will be decided on the basis of the submitted applications and/or the creative works (such as essays etc.) The committee will decide the allocation of the grant by simple majority. In the event of the competition not resulting in any appropriate candidate, the committee has the right not to allocate the grant. The committee is obligated to give reasons for its decision. The decision cannot be appealed.

9. The name of the award winner(s) will be announced at the ceremony held for Citizen’s Day (at the end of November). The foundation Domus Dorpatensis has the right to use the award winner’s name(s) and works in its information materials and for advertisement purposes. The foundation may publish the works of the winner(s) in the media.

10. The grant is personal. The grant will be paid as one lump sum to the award winner’s bank account. Non-monetary prizes will be sent to the address indicated by the winner.

11. The sum of the grant will be decided in each case.

Confirmed by the Board of the foundation Domus Dorpatensis on 24 October 2013.