Meet the World: China from inside and outside

This months’ event in the series 'Meet the World' took us to the most populated country in the world, China. We dived into its colourful history and revealed the modern face of the fast-developing country. PhD student and businessman Xiaotian Zhang presented his country on behalf of 1.3 billion compatriots, whereas Estonian student Aivi Kiigemägi introduced the "Asian tiger" as a foreigner with Chinese studying and travelling experience. 

Both guests prepared gripping presentations which introduced the country from fresh aspects. They connected glorious ancient past with promising economic future, built a bridge between Estonia and China and explained studying possibilities at Chinese universities. Presentations were followed by a sparkling debate. Guests replied to numerous questions from the audience, ranging from controversial internal and external relationships to reality of everyday life in China. For more genuine teleportation to China, there was a small exhibition of traditional Chinese items, music selection and a small demonstration of Chinese calligraphy.

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photo: Ekke Vasli