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International evening "Meet the world": Kenya 29.03.2013

On 29th of March, the Meet the World series, hosted by Genialistide Klubi, crossed the equator to visit Kenya. Introducing the exotic country were Andreas Ragen Ayal, an Estonian with Kenyan roots, and Janika Tamm, an Estonian who worked there as a volunteer and later published a book named "My Kenya".

As an introduction Ragen gave an overview of the geography and demography of Kenya. The country takes its name from Africa's second highest mountain, the state's territory equals thirteen Estonia and has 43 million habitants. The climate differs on the coast where there is more humidity than further inland where the drought seasons last long.

Janika Tamm traveled to Kenya in 2009, volunteering there as an assistant and English teacher in schools. She talked in depth about her experience working at the local schools. For instance she told the audience that
around 70% of people in Kenya have acquired at least primary education. To promote education free breakfasts are served at schools, which for material reasons is in itself a good reason to participate in schoolwork. The school
buildings range from one extreme to the other. There are schools that are nice and clean and there are some that barely constitute as proper schools.

One of Janika's memories was how she took a newspaper with her one day and a pupil asked to read it. The next day another pupil asked to read it and so forth. In the end the whole class wanted to hold the paper in their
hands and they weren't only catching up on the most interesting stories but reading it from the first page to the last. After Janika's amazement she was explained that newspapers are relatively costly in Kenya so the papers
are very highly valued as well.

The evening was concluded by a short Q&A ("Ragen, have you ever killed a lion?") and then everyone had a chance to try out snacks made by Genialistide Klubi and inspired by Kenyan recipes.