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The Foundation for Science and Liberal Arts Domus Dorpatensis holds and assists other institutions in holding various meetings, conferences, seminars, and workshops. Since Spring 2003, after Domus Dorpatensis opened its doors, quite a few bigger and smaller events have taken place in its rooms.

Clicking on the links above, you will find information about the events that have taken place in our house so far.

Our current event series and conferences 


With the help of the TEDx conferences we would like to spread good and interesting ideas all over Estonia and the world.

People meet people

These cultural events are meant to raise the society’s interest in Estonian culture and to open the surrounding cultural sphere to the public.

Estonian Civil Society Week

During this week, different organisations, personalities and important and successful initiatives of the Estonian Civil Society are introduced to the public.

Meet the world

This event series is mostly in English. With the help of at least two guests – one representative of the country in question and one Estonian – the series presents different countries and cultures. This season concentrates on Finno-Ugric peoples.

Let's get to know

The aim of this series is to popularize science by explaining scientific phenomena in a simple and understandable way.

Political debates

The political debate series gives attention to current political questions and controversial issues. We invite politicians, experts and political scientists to give background information,   express their opinion and to answer the questions of the audience.