Event "Museum calling! The Estonian National Museum meets Domus Dorpatensis" 14.12.2010

During the event, the director of the exhibition house of the Estonian National Museum Kristjan Raba presented the activities and the future of the museum with regard to the new exhibition house which is planned on the grounds of Raadi manor. To illustrate his talk he showed different photos. One aim of the museum is to engage the inhabitants of Tartu, among them also the foreigners living there, in its activities, and to create a network. This is why Mr Raba talked about the Friends Society of the ENM where all interested people are welcome. Also the Estonian National Museum made the proposal to the listeners to create an international working group within the Friends Society. The working language of this group would be English. The proposal also included the idea, that Domus Dorpatensis could be an institutional member of this new working group and Michael Gallagher as the chairman of the board of Domus Dorpatensis could be the head of the working group. Michael Gallagher agreed to this idea.

Kristjan Raba invited everybody to the exhibition house for the end of January (date to be announced later) and for the national holiday on 24th February.

Later on during the event Michael Gallagher presented the book „The Raadi Book: Pictures of Things Gone By”which is written in four languages. The book outlines the history of Raadi manor and the development of the museum. In addition Kristjan Raba presented the new calender of ENM for the years 2011-2012 and handed over one copy to Domus Dorpatensis.

The participants in the event were mainly foreigners from different countries living in Tartu, who are interested in Estonian culture and in the Estonian National Museum. All agreed that they will also invite their friends and colleagues to the next meetings to enlarge the network.