International evening "Meet the world": Japan from inside and outside

Domus Dorpatensis launched a new cycle of international events Meet the world which is aiming to increase intercultural relations, respect the diversity of views and break cultural stereotypes.

The opening event teleported us to the land of the rising sun in the company of two interesting guests, Japanese exchange student Naoyuki Karita and martial art teacher Reedik Pääsuke. A sparkling debate took us to Japanese universities, explained difficult writing rules of Japanese language and complex system of paying respect and enlightened specifics of different martial arts, national cuisine, religious symbiosis and numerous other themes. All topics were discussed from foreign and native point of view and projected to Estonia and Estonians. The interview with the guests was completed with selected Japanese music and different visual elements in the form of projection, martial arts weapons, books, promotional brochures and posters which were generously provided by the Japanese embassy in Tallinn.

The official part of the event was followed by informal debates over a cup of tea and coffee and cookies in the relaxed atmosphere of Domus Dorpatensis’s club room.

Slide show: JAPAN.pptx

More photos (by Ekke Vasli)

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