Journey of Discovery: South Korea

May edition of the event series Journey of Discovery took us to the Far East and presented an almost one-month long odyssey around Korean Peninsula. Through Ekke’s and Pina’s memories we visited ancient Buddhist temples, soaked the eternal hustle and bustle of Seoul and crossed the most protect boarder in the world, opening a brief peek into North Korea. In addition, we conquered country’s highest peaks, dived into fishermen’s daily life and explored Korean pop culture.

After our guests’ vocal chords protested to speak about numerous Korean experience any longer, some of the visitors shared their own travel journals from the same region. Quickly, a sparkling debate was inflamed which didn’t stop even during a cup of tea and ice-cream in our saloon room after the pleasant event.

In the end of the evening, we had to agree that “the land of the morning calm” presents a perfect traveling destination!