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  • Conversation evening "People meet people": Karl Martin Sinijärv and Eda Ahi 17.12.2013
  • International evening "Meet the world": Spain
  • Art and poetry series: Poetry evening with poet Contra 10.12.2013
  • Opening event of the new series "Food anthropology": Food war 09.12.2013
  • Seminar "Let's get to know": Estonian energetics - dark past and brilliant future? 09.12.2013
  • Art and poetry series: Poetry reading workshop 27.11.2013
  • Conversation evening "People meet people": Piret Simson and Heleri Saarik 26.11.2013
  • International evening "Meet the world": Turkey 18.11.2013
  • Discussion evening: Is Estonia an ecological country 14.11.2013
  • Conference TEDxTartu 02.11.2013
  • International evening "Meet the world": Australia 21.10.2013
  • Seminar "Political debates": Debate between the candidates for the position of Tartu mayor 09.10.2013
  • Seminar "Political debates": Where is Tartu's free public transport? 02.10.2013
  • German-Estonian students' evening Academica 30.09.2013
  • Seminar "Political debates": Cultural city Tartu? 25.09.2013
  • International evening: Palestine 16.06.2013
  • "Young Leaders" Leadership workshop 14.-16.06.2013
  • Workshop about writing an article in Wikipedia 28.05.2013
  • Indiefest: conversation evening "People meet people": Urmas Kruuse and Eiki Nestor talk about music 24.05.2013
  • Indiefest: LoovHoov (Creative Yard) live and "Meet the world": Canada 23.05.2013
  • Indiefest: LoovHoov (Creative Yard) live and "Let's get to know": Introduction to music 22.05.2013
  • German-Estonian information evening "Germany calling!" 07.05.2013
  • International evening "Meet the world": Kenya 29.04.2013
  • Conversation evening "People meet people": Mari Tammar and Ruslan Trochynskyi 23.04.2013
  • Seminar "Political debates": How to write the ideal family law? 11.04.2013
  • International evening "Meet the world": Portugal 09.04.2013
  • Discussion evening "Abandoned houses in town" 04.04.2013
  • Conversation evening "People meet people": Katrin Pärn ja Karol Kuntsel 26.03.2013
  • International evening "Meet the world": South Africa 14.03.2013
  • Seminar "Political debates": People's Assembly - an outlet for tensions or the future of law creation? 07.03.2013
  • Conversation evening "People meet people": Lauri Saatpalu and Peeter Volkonski 19.02.2013
  • Seminar "Let's get to know": Is alcohol enriching? 13.02.2013
  • Discussion about the People's Assembly "Rahvakogu" 28.01.2013
  • Conversation evening "People meet people": Jaan Sööt and Berk Vaher 22.01.2013