In 2005 the Foundation for Science and Liberal Arts Domus Dorpatensis announced for the first time a grant competition whose aim is to aspire and acknowledge citizens’ initiative as well as promotion of local life. This grant is meant for a person who has significantly contributed with his action to the general development of the community and/or has stood out for great achievements for the community.

Thanks to the support of the Estonian-Netherlands Charity Foundation Päikeselill (Sunflower) Domus Dorpatensis has had the opportunity to give out two grants in 2005, 2008 and 2009. The aim of the Foundation Päikeselill is the support of citizens’ societal initiative and promotion of general good.


From 2005 to 2013 every autumn a grant competition with numerous participating candidates has taken place.

In 2005 the scholars were Aare Hõrn and Eha Paas. Aare Hõrn is the cultural promoter of Setomaa (Setoland) and Eha Paas is the manager of the Estonian Village Movement Kodukant.


In 2006 the scholar was Mart Hiob who is the chairman of the Association Supilinn (Soup Town). This association protects the milieu of Supilinn district in Tartu.   

In 2007 the scholar was Virve Kluust. She is the chairman of the MTÜ Salutaguse Nelja Küla Selts of the Koeru parish and has significantly promoted the well-being of her village. 

In 2008 the scholars were Aino Kiiver and Astra Kittus. Aino Kiiver operates actively in Estonian Memento Association and Astra Kittus has significantly developed the well-being of Maaritsa village. 

In 2009 the scholars were Irina Golikova and Tiina Heidemann. Irina Golikova has done a lot of work in the field of prevention of cruelty to children. Tiina Heidemann's initiative and energy have changed the life in the area of Kadjaste much more diversified. 

In 2010 the scholar was Carmen Ott. She has changed life on the island of Prangli more valuable and helped to  promote voluntary work and charity.

In 2011 the scholar was Anneli Anijärv, who has contributed to the improvement of the quality of life in her home village Tuhalaane. 

In 2012 the scholar was Jone Koppel. In his home village Laadla on Saaremaa island, he maintains the only shop in the periphery of thirty kilometers. Also he has helped to keep alive the local traditions and to renovate the village house and village square.