The grant competition of the Foundation Domus Dorpatensis in 2005

In 2005 a grant commission gathered for the first time in the Foundation Domus Dorpatensis to select the first scholars of Domus Dorpatensis from 73 applications.

The members of the grant commission were the chairman of the Foundation Domus Dorpatensis Kristiina Tõnnisson, the Deputy Major of Tartu Georg Aher, the director for the Baltic-American Partnership Program of the Open Estonia Foundation Katrin Enno, the professor extraordinary of the Social Communication Department at the University of Tartu Marju Lauristin and the manager of the Museum Karl Ernst von Baer Erki Tammiksaar. In the applications for the grant competition, above all, the positive influence for the candidates’ community and/or for wider public was taken into account, but the applications were also evaluated under other concrete criteria that are regulated in the announcement of the grant competition. 

After an intensive meeting the grant commission decided to give the grant to Aare Hõrn.

Aarne Hõrn initiated and carried out the idea of the statue “Lauluema” (Song Mother) in Setoland and initiated the Estonian citizens’ registration. Since 1989 there have been organized regular trainings about their own culture for children in Obinitsa village which were initiated, trained and carried out by Aare Hõrn. Also, he is known for the promotion of Setu language, speaking only in Seto wherever possible.  Since 1997 he has been member of the Setoland’s Expert Commission, the head of the Vastseliina’s and Meremäe’s unit of Defence League, he has organised social activities and introduced the Defence League’s action to juveniles. Aare Hõrn is the initiator of Obinitsa’s 100 year old church school building reconstruction. He attended in the composing of the development plan for the villages in the Obinitsa region and helped to make the Taarka play happen in Obinitsa in the summer of 2005. At the moment Aare Hõrn is preparing an application in the name of the Setoland’s Parish Association to inscribe Seto Leelo (folk singing) on the UNESCO Non-material and Verbal Heritage Masterpiece List. 

Thanks to the Estonian-Netherlands Charity Foundation we were able to give out another grant in value of 15 000 Estonian Kroons to Eha Paas.

Since 1999 Eha Paas has been the manager of the Estonian Village Movement Kodukant. The main goal of the village movement is to contribute to the maintenance and development of Estonian country life and villages, including the support for land management and national culture, different village movements and citizen organizations. In 2000 Kodukant was declared the best non-profit organization. Through the explanatory work of Eha Paas, the ideas of the Kodukant’s movement have reached the people in the countryside, inviting them to take a personal initiative. These ideas have found response throughout whole Estonia. As a result of her work, an influential membership has developed that begins at the grass root level and through the representatives reaches up to the government.

The winners of the grant were announced on Citizen’s Day on the 26th of November in 2005.

Domus Dorpatensis thanks all the candidates for taking part in the grant competition.