The grant competition of the Foundation Domus Dorpatensis in 2006 

In 2006 the scholar of the foundation Domus Dorpatensis was the chairman of the Association Supilinn (Soup Town) Mart Hiob.


Mart Hiob is known as a citizen who stands for the promotion of civil initiative and development of local life. Thanks to his action, the attitudes towards basic values of Supilinn have begun to change. Mart Hiob, as an active citizen of Tartu and a man of vast knowledge and experience, has already been active for a long time in valuing of the milieu of the Supilinn district, its preservation and protection. Through his likeable manner and good-hearted attitude and care he has influenced many people and interest groups with different backgrounds to value environmentally friendly and historical legacy.

Since Domus Dorpatensis gives out a citizen’s grant, the award ceremony took place in Tallinn, in the Office of the Minister for Population and Ethnic Affairs Paul-Eerik Rummo. The minister highly appreciated the scholar’s contribution to improve our surroundings as well as the Supilinn Association’s cooperation with the city of Tartu.