The grant competition of the Foundation Domus Dorpatensis in 2008

In 2008 the scholars of the Foundation Domus Dorpatensis are Aino Kiiver and Astra Kittus. Both of them are noteworthy for their activity, diversity and positive attitude. Their initiative has enriched our civil society.

Aino Kiiver is a very versatile person whose activity has been focused on solving social problems in Estonia. She is working as a volunteer in many non-profit organizations, but above all in Estonian Memento Association and in Rakvere Association. Aino Kiiver has also contributed to the promotion of the village life and citizen’s initiative. She established, for example, the Diabetes Association of Saku municipality and took part in elaborating the concept of the Estonian Citizen’s Initiative. Due to her positive and devoted manner she is a role model for many volunteers.  

Astra Kittus is the village chief of the Maaritsa village in Põlvamaa. Thanks to Mrs. Kittus activity and energy, the Maaritsa village has lit up again and its appearance has got much nicer. Through the initiative of Astra Kittus, a playground and a village square were built, folk calendar traditions and village days are being held. She also wrote a project for the gym in the culture centre that has totally justified itself: the gym is being used eagerly. Mrs. Kittus does not only work alone, but she is able to make all village people work together. In this way the village has grown even more together and the village life has got much enjoyable. 


This year the Estonian-Netherlands Charity Foundation Päikeselill enabled to give out another grant in value of 15 000 Estonian Kroons. Domus Dorpatensis thanks the foundation Päikeselill for the support and cooperation. 

The grant commission that was made up from Deputy Major of Tartu Jüri Sasi, the manager of the Centre for Science Studies of the Estonian University of Life Sciences Erki Tammiksaar, the director for the Baltic-American Partnership Program of the Open Estonia Foundation Katrin Enno and the scholar of 2007 Virve Kluust, made the selection out of 33 applications.

Domus Dorpatensis thanks all the candidates for taking part in the grant competition.

The grant of the Foundation Domus Dorpatensis was handed over at the festive reception which was dedicated to the Citizen’s Day, in the Glass Hall of the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds by the Minister for Population and Ethnic Affairs. Domus Dorpatensis thanks again the Office of the Minister for Population and Ethnic Affairs for the cooperation.

Fotos by Peeter Hütt