The grant competition of the Foundation Domus Dorpatensis in 2010

The scholar of the 2010 Domus Dorpatensis grant is Carmen Ott.


 Carmen Ott has changed life on Prangli island much more than anyone else during the last thirty years. She has promoted voluntary work and charity. Thanks to her good project writing ability life on the island has become more active and the cooperation between the island's inhabitants has increased. She has organised different kinds of trainings, for example first aid trainings, as availability of first aid and medical aid are an important topic on the island. Also she has founded a NGO whose first big project was the opening of the Prangli Island Museum. During numerous projects Carmen has for example helped to improve the signpost system on the island, to renovate the civic centre and to reestablish the cinema tradition in the civic centre. 

The members of  grant commission were: Deputy Major of Tartu Jüri Sasi, the manager of the Centre for Science Studies of the Estonian University of Life Sciences Erki Tammiksaar, the coordinator of the East-East crossborder cooperation programme of the Open Estonia Foundation Kelly Grossthal and the scholar of 2009 Tiina Heidemann. They made their selection out of 42 applications. Domus Dorpatensis thanks all the candidates for taking part in the grant competition.

The grant was handed over on 24 November at a festive reception dedicated to the Citizen's Day which was organised by the Estonian Ministry of Culture and held in Tallinn in the Rotermann quarter in the Prooviveski building.

Domus Dorpatensis thanks the Ministry of Culture for the pleasant cooperation.