The grant competition of Domus Dorpatensis in 2011

The scholar of the 2011 Domus Dorpatensis grant is Anneli Anijärv.

Anneli lives in Tuhalaane village in the municipality of Karski in Viljandi county where she works as the head of the village house. She offers her professional knowledge also in her free time as a volunteer - looking for financial support from funds and sponsors for projects and involving other volunteers in the project activities.

Her voluntary work is essential for her home village, because the village is situated on the periphery of Karksi municipality and therefore had to give up many services that are self-evident for people in bigger villages and cities.

Anneli generates many new ideas and inspires also others by implementing projects and writing project applications and reports. She is always willing to support and consult also the societies and clubs of the surrounding villages.

This year we received 40 applications. The members of the grant commission were the chairman of the board of Foundation for Civil Society and former head of Domus Dorpatensis Kristiina Tõnnisson, the coordinator of the Open Government programme of the Open Estonia Foundation Kelly Grossthal and the scholar of 2010 Carmen Ott.

Domus Dorpatensis thanks all the participants of the grant competition.

The grant was handed over on 30 November in Tallinn
at a festive reception which was dedicated to the Citizen’s Day and took place in the rooms of Tallinn puppet theatre. We thank the Ministry of Culture, especially the departement of Integration and Cultural Diversity, for the good cooperation.