The library of Domus Dorpatensis is open:
Monday - Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM

The books are available in the club room of Domus Dorpatensis.


To a large degree, the library of Domus Dorpatensis is donated by the Baltic German Häussler family with a wide range of cultural interests. Therefore the library contains a considerable amount of literature in German language dealing with Baltic countries, from historical books to Baltic German fiction. There is also a large part of literature that treats other Eastern European countries and Russia as well as German history. The library is primarily aimed at German-speaking people who are interested in above-mentioned subjects. Of course, all other guests are also welcome.

The other part of the library consists of book donations by US American actor Donald Arthur. These books are in English and are about US and European history, biographies and much more.

Most books can be borrowed for two weeks. The library does not lend encyclopaedias, art books and books which have been issued before 1945. Some periodicals can be borrowed for two days.