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Musical „Mary Poppins“ at Vanemuine Theatre: A Spoonful of Sugar for Big and Small

Uta Kuehrt 29.11.11

Last week, the Domus staff partook in a special theatre experience – we were invited to watch the dress rehearsal of the musical „Mary Poppins“ which is staged in Vanemuine Grand Building.  As the director of the musical, Mr. Georg Malvius from Sweden, was staying  in one of our guest apartments for two months during the rehearsal period, we were especially eager to see the results of his work.

Probably every child has heard about Mary Poppins, the nanny with magical powers, who gets the children into most incredible adventures.   But the performance is by far not only meant for children – the heartwarming story also carries off grown-ups into Mary Poppins’ fantasy world.

When we were coming back to work after the inspiring performance, the work went almost by itself – just as Mary Poppins is singing in the Estonian version of „A Spoonful of Sugar“: „Igas töös leidub alati üks suhkrutükk, mis teeb pipratera magusaks.“ („In every work you will find a piece of sugar that makes even pepper taste sweet.“)

So if you are still wavering about a visit of the musical – don’t miss it, we highly recommend it!

Foto: Theatre Vanemuine.

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