Meet the World: Georgia from inside and outside

The best comes last, predicts an old wisdom. The final evening of the event series “Meet the World” therefore took us to allegedly the most beautiful country in the world, to Georgia.

We took a journey around the land of delicious wine, hospitable people and mysterious old churches dotting its fantastic mountain scenery in the company of two interesting ladies. Maya Kobalia is a Georgian student who is currently finishing her master’s degree in Baltic studies at the University of Tartu, whereas Estonian Karolin Mägi spent a whole year exploring the tremendous Caucasian country as an exchange student. We found out how to make a proper Georgian toast, laughed at numerous Georgian anecdotes and witnessed an astonishing singing performance of improvised "Tbilisi trio".

After the evening we had to agree to the saying that Georgia is a land, meant for god!

Slideshow: Meet the World_GEORGIA.pptx
Handouts: Meet_the_World_GEORGIA_handouts.pdf

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(photo: Ekke Vasli)