Seminar "Where do we go from here?": Breaking down the model – Re-learning how to negotiate 14.01.2010

On January 14th, Domus Dorpatensis hosted the fifth of a nine part series hosted by former EuroCollege Director Michael Gallagher. The series builds from the question how Estonia and Estonians will thrive as we re-connect to Europe and the west and complete our historic transition from Soviet times. One aspect of our challenge is to re-think how effective our communications are in building opportunities (as opposed to conflict). In this event, Mr. Gallagher gave a glimpse of the value of negotiation in building relationships. For example, can we identify "domination strategies" and what is leverage? We also watched a few negotiation sequences from the Hollywood film "The Family Man". In the next event, we will go a bit more deeply into negotiation theory and practice, talking about how negotiation can re-connect us to the most important stories in our lives. We will also go back to a question raised in this session --- how does one cope with people who insist on trying to dominate? A very good question!