Rahvusvaheline õhtu "Meet the world": Brasiilia 04.05.2011

This year's second event brought us to the colourful world of Brazil. We had two great performers to show us different aspects of Brazil - Brazilian Karen De Vincenzo Ordones, who is doing her Master's Degree in Baltic Studies in Tartu and Estonian writer Liis Kängsepp. They were accompanied by cheerful Davi William who brought his insight to the conversation.

We got to know many interesting facts about Brazil and were surprised by the fact that not all Brazilians can dance samba or do capoeira. We got to know that Brazilian presidents have lots of friends all over the world, some rich people use their private helicopter for traveling, but many poor people live in the favelas. We could see the friendly rivalry between the largest cities Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Karen also taught us Portuguese 101 in case we visited Brazil and Liis gave autographs to everybody who bought her latest book about Brazil.  Later on everybody had the chance to enjoy talking with the performers, having some cookies and a cup of coffee.