Rahvusvaheline õhtu "Meet the World": Kreeka 25.10.2011

The first edition of the third season of the international discussion evenings ’Meet the World’ brought us to GREECE.  The event was held on 25th of October 2011.

The event brought us to present-day Greece in the company of two interesting guests, Greek teacher Magdalini Thoma who has been living and teaching modern Greek in Tartu for 2 years and young teacher Dina Prant who spent 5 months in Greece teaching English to high school students.  It was a great honour to have the presence of His Excellency Mr. Polydore Kokonas, the Ambassador of Greece in Tallinn.

As it was said by Magdalini Thoma, “Greece has become famous thanks to the economic crisis and EFSF.” Suddenly the newspapers and TV news started to talk a lot about Greece, but often about finance, politics, costs and spending. Our Greek evening did not focus on these topics only, rather we tried to  give the idea of  Greek lifestyle through personal stories concerning the life during the crisis that have caught undeservedly little attention in the shade of financial and political news.

We were shown some videos about Greek dances where we could surprisingly see a lot of men dancing. We heard some Greek poetry. Dina Prant shared her experience as a teacher in Greece and told about her difficulty saying « né » meaning « yes » as it sounds more like negation - no, net etc. We compared the education and school life in Greece and in Estonia, also the Estonian and Greek way of demonstration and going on strike.

The event was supported by the Embassy of Greece in Tallinn, and the audience had the possibility to taste traditional Greek dishes and drinks.