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International evening "Meet the world": Australia 21.10.2013

The opening event of international evening series „Meet the World” took us to Australia. We had two guest speakers – Australian Caleb Campbell and Estonian Anna Vandel. Caleb comes from a small place in the Outback Australia, he has been around the world twice and at the moment is an exchange student in Estonia. Anna went to Australia with a friend after graduating high school and spent there many months traveling and gathering experiences.

Caleb gave a short overview of the geography of Australia (compared the historically British Eastern and Irish Western coasts) and pointed out that even though Australia is the size of Europe and Scandinavia together, the population is still about 20 million. He also refuted some popular myths about Australia – how everything in Australia tries to kill you and everyone rides kangaroos. According to him there is something for everyone to be found in Australia.

Australia’s economy and job market were also discussed during the evening and it was said that Australia really hasn’t suffered much from the economy crisis. Caleb  gave some useful tips and addresses for future job hunters – if you want to make good money, try to find some work in wheat and cotton industries, where the work is hard, but the pay is good – and Anna shared her experience as a fruit picker and door-to-door salesman. It was pointed out that Estonians and Australians share the same mentality towards work – work hard to do nothing.

Although, Caleb made fun of our need to keep a low profile even in the middle of nowhere, he told that Estonians are regarded as one of the best traveling workers. Still, he advised people to set aside their apathy when having a job interview. Also, unlike Estonians, Australians were told to talk non-stop and make long one-word sentences.

About Estonia Caleb seems to appreciate saunas the most and said that if in Australia it is all about heat and swimming, then in Estonia it seems to be all about cold and saunas.