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International evening "Meet the world": Canada 23.05.2013

For the first time in Meet the World history the series took place in the Domus Dorpatensis courtyard and in co-operation with Indiefest. The country being visited was Canada, the world's second largest state. Different
aspects of the nation and the state were introduced by two persons - Iisak and Agnes.

Agnes went to Canada to study comparative literature for one year. The first thing she noticed during her stay was the Canadian politeness- it is not just a myth but they could proudly compete for the title of the most
friendly people in the world. Toronto is a place where it is difficult to become homesick because people are too kind to you. Although Toronto is a city with 2.6 million habitants, it quickly became a place where you could feel
at home. Agnes also pointed out that Toronto is a multicultural city where people with endless different national backgrounds are present. Furthermore, it is an invaluable place for music lovers.

Next, a Canadian-Estonian musician, Iisak Andreller, known also as Epifolium, took the stage. Iisak was raised in Canada and studied environmental biology in Vancouver. He is a self taught musician and returned to his homeland of Estonia for the first time in 2008 to explore his family roots and traditional Estonian music. Since then he has been living here. After returning to Estonia Isaac wasn't disappointed with our climate - in Estonia the winters are at least as snowy as in Vancoucer.

After the presentations, Iisak introduced his repertoire by giving a live performance.

You can find more out about Epifolium on www.epifolium.com