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Hungarian Carnival 16.03.2014

We could be a witness to an EVS project. The EVS project was prepared by Réka Tokai, who is a volunteer in Domus Dorpatensis. The EVS event took us to a Hungarian Carnival, which took place in German Cultural Institute on 16th March. Tamás, another Hungarian volunteer from Võru gave a short overview of the colorful culture. He showed a country-image video about Hungary: inventors and their inventions, typical Hungarian places, customs, foods, Hungarian hospitality. After the short overview we played a traditional doughnuts eating competition that can be seen on the picture. Even the youngest participant takes part of the game, as well, and tried the Hungarian ringdances from Moldva. In the break we were singing ourselves a spring-waiting, mate selectioner  folk song, Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt. In the break we could also taste some Hungarian dishes and pálinka. We could try the carnival doughnuts too. After the planned program the Hungarian volunteers answered the questions of the audience and the audience still stayed after the event chatting and having a good time.

The EVS programme is part of the YOUTH programme.